Death of the Records Keeper

After a short respite the group traveled farther into the depths of the crypt. Eventually they ran into a fork in the hallway. Arath led the way to the left and they found a large room with multiple coffins against one wall. They briefly opened the coffins and found that there were only dead bodies in them. They also found a door that was boarded up. Before investigating that path they decided to check out the other hallway.

Arath led the way again and the party found themselves in a smaller room. There was a table in the middle of the room with a coffin that looked like it was recently prepared and on the far walls there were more coffins. Upon further investigation into the room there was a small office. A black creature looked up from his desk and said “You shouldn’t have come!” Immediately Yosai leaped into the room with the Creature and hit him hard, the Creature hit him with his dual swords in response. Velin created a patch of rough terrain to protect himself and Princess Evelynn from any attacks. Suddenly a big Zombie burst from the coffin on the table and began attacking Arath. Princess Evelynn and Velin began attacking this new zombie while Yosai tried to escape the clutches of the Creature. Yosai was badly injured by the time he got out of the office, and then yet another zombie came out of the coffins on the wall. The Creature, losing his target charged at Arath and surrounded him with the table zombie. Together they beat Arath down and he fell unconscious but was still taking damage. In a miracle he rose up again and healed a third of his health! In revenge, Arath stepped back and blew a mighty Frost Breath on his attackers, making them severely worse for wear. Velin let out a mighty Magic Stones attack and felled the table zombie. Princess Evelynn then let a Two Fanged Strike go and killed the Creature. Then the zombie from the wall came forth and attacked Yosai and he fell unconscious. The zombie then moved through the difficult terrain to attack Velin while dodging many attackes from the party. Eventually the zombie was felled.

While the party healed, Arath and Princess Evelynn searched the room for materials. There was a chest full of all the records of the crypt, the people who had been there for many years and those scheduled to go there at death. In between some of the files was a key. The party took the key and will look for its owner after another short rest.



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