The Goblin Mill and Siege

The Mill

After their short break from slaughtering the outside of the camp the adventurers entered into the wood mill at the north of the camp. Upon entering, their vision was blurred by a cloud of sawdust and the door closed and was barred behind them. When the dust settled, before them stood 5 goblins who did not seem pleased with the trespassers. Helauri charged into the middle of the group of goblins and used his dragon breath to gain some initial traction against them. Angry at the Dragonborn who charged them, the goblins retaliated against Helauri and made him regret his initial haste to fight. Arath joined Helauri on the front lines. Evelynn and Darel began firing a volley of arrows into the small green creatures, and turned them into pin cushions. Darel, eventually gave up his archery and charged in with his mace. The goblins moved up onto the small raised platform and began fending off the oncoming melee combatants. The leader goblin raised his rod into the air and the sawdust in the room began swirling about, creating a new fog to hinder his foes advance. The fight became a mess of combatants on the platform, with a massive flank-fest going on. A blow was landed on the leader, causing him to become bloodied. In a rage he yelled at his useless followers, and they made an attempt to save themselves from his wrath. The other goblins moved into and killed Darel in one fatal attack, taking him from just above bloodied to dead, with a couple of arrows. With both sides fighting for their lives, the fighting raged on. A few attacks connected with Helauri and caused him to drop to the ground unconscious. Arath, landed a fatal blow onto the leader of the goblins. The goblin died telling the party, “This camp was only getting resources for the real goal. With my death, your town will be no more.” No longer being forced to fight, and valuing their lives the other goblins fled the mill.

The Siege

After leaving the mill the party wanted to return to Coril to warn them of the danger of the goblins. However, they found that their horses were missing and were going to have to walk back to town. Evelynn took point and kept the party from finding any rogue goblins that were wandering in the forest. Helauri and Arath carried many of the spoils and used their training to force march through the day. When the group came across a lone goblin blocking their path, Helauri burst from the bushes and sent the goblin running in fear. Finding a unused sewer access to the city the group returned to Coril and joined the guard in fighting off the goblin invaders. When the battle was over, much of Coril and it’s people had been destroyed.

The rise of the goblins, was unlike goblins and caught the attention of the other planes.



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