Trapped with the dead

A few years after the goblin siege and raid, life in Coril was beginning to become normal once again. However, not all was going well in the world. A group was summoned by the town council to deal with a pressing matter. A local farmer’s daughter had gone missing. Worse yet was that she had been seen playing around one of the crypts that were filled after the goblin raid. The party took some of their gold and invested in torches before descending into the crypt, knowing that no one had been down there in a while and it was going to be dark.

A Hard Start

As the party ventured into the crypt, it was apparent more light would be needed. Yosai took charge and lit a torch. He then lit an unlit torch on a nearby wall, providing the party with a fixed source of light. The heard crying coming from nearby, and it got louder as they ventured down the entrance hallway. Upon entering an entrance room with pillars the party noticed what appeared to be the lost little girl in a fetal position. Upon seeing the adventurers, she looked up and smiled. The party was taken aback by this gesture and hesitated in approaching the girl. Yosai took to lighting two nearby torches. The girl cried out for them to help her, and mentioned that she was trapped there by the monsters. Evelynn took to exploring the room a bit, and Arath headed towards the little girl to begin her rescue. As Arath approached her, she stood up and called out, “You shouldn’t have come here” and then disappeared. A crack was heard from the entrance way as the door slammed shut. A mist rolled through the room and when it cleared zombies had appeared behind the pillars in the room. The fight started with the zombies rushing at Yosai and Velin attempting to grab them. They dodged and retaliated. Evelynn was out of position and a zombie came up behind her and grabbed her and pulled her into the unlit portion of the room. The fight raged on with the party dropping the zombies one by one. Arath used his dragon breath to make a good hit against two of the zombies, sending one back to its grave. Yosai, thrust his rapier into into a few zombies, felling them. Velin, took to throwing rocks and turning into a snake to fend off the zombies. Evelynn was nowhere to be seen and tried to shoot arrows back into the fight, but was quite subdued by her zombie captors. Eventually Evelynn fell, and so did the last of the visible zombies. The party then ventured forth to rescue their taken comrade. They found Evelynn unconcious on the ground with a zombie standing over her. They engaged the zombie and made it pay for the damage is had done to their friend. The party then retreated back to the entrance way to rest and recover from their first venture into the crypt.



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